Don't expect perfection

In my job, as a martial arts instructior, we have the privilege to teach an amazing group of children that come into the dojo and try their best to learn to move their bodies (sometimes in not-so-intuitive ways), follow directions, stay focused and be still for long periods of time at a time. They have good days; they have productive days; and they have days that could've gone better, but boy did they try.

It's important to us that we teach them that we aren't looking for perfection and we certainly aren't wanting them to "be perfect" - we tell them that not only is perfection impossible, it's boring. There, I said it...perfection is boring. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be trying your hardest to be better, it just means that we're not looking for perfection.

I don't consider soaping a "job". I see it as a creative outlet. A way to create something that will most likely never be the exact same twice. So many factors determine the outcome of a bar of soap - weather, temperature changes indoors, humiditydifferent lots of butters/oils, to name a few. I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy it as much as I do.

Yes, I enjoy the idea that I can make a little extra money and  the social aspect of markets and fairs, for sure; but I think my favorite part of being a soaper is unmolding a batch of soap and seeing the outcome. How imperfectly perfect will it be? Anticipation. It never gets old.

Thousands of bars of soap and no two are the same and nor are they perfect...good.

My website isn't any different. Trust me, perfect it is not. That said, I have worked for days to make it look as though it represented 3 Hazels (me); I wanted it to flow well and most of all, I want it to work smoothly. 

I do hope that you will spend some time on (and buy a bar or two of soap) and I also hope that you won't see it's imperfections as a reflection of the quality of the products on it.

I will continue to make this imperfectly perfect website a quality product that, like my perfectly imperfect soap, looks as good as it works.

Wash those hands!


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