I hate to admit it, but...

The question that needs answering is the story of the 3 Hazels name.

I didn't pick it randomly. I gave it a ton of thought; probably too much thought. And at the same time, as you'll read about, not enough thought.

I wanted to have a name that represented my family, but especially the two people that support me most - my husband and daughter. They don't support me in a rah-rah, Bela Karolyi "You can do it" kind of a way - they support me quietly. They answer my questions; they eat late or cruddy take-out; and they let me know they love me...everyday.

Where'd the name come from? The color of our eyes. We are three people with Hazel eyes...3 Hazels.

Nice story, right? It's true, or so I thought.  

I digress...

One of the most important jobs of a mom is to know everything about their child - every mark, crooked toe, attached/unattached ear lobes and eye color. Eye color. 

For 19 years I thought my daughter had Hazel eyes. I didn't even give it a thought. Every time I looked at her, I "saw" her Hazel eyes. I mean, why wouldn't she have Hazel eyes, both my husband and I have them.

Did you ever have one of those moments in your life where you think you know a person, really know them, and then in a flash that notion is ripped from you? Me too. Mine came while I was having a conversation with my daughter and looked at her (in the eye) and realized that she doesn't have Hazel eyes at all, she has the most beautiful Brown eyes. Brown eyes. Insert "head-smack emoji" here. I can tell you about the freckle on one of her fingers, the beauty mark above the right side of her mouth, the "angel kiss" on her leg. UGH! I was so disappointed in myself and my fail as a mom. Not in the fact that my business name was now a "lie" or anything like that, but because I had, evidently, never stopped long enough to ever really take notice of her eyes, her beautiful Brown eyes. What is wrong with me?

How was I going to ever make it passed this? Would she forgive me? Would I forgive myself? The very simple answer to those questions is, yes. Yes I would would and yes, she would. Honestly, I don't think she really thought about any of it for too long.

Fast forward...I was up-front and honest with her. I explained myself. I apologized and it's all good. She's good. We're good - we're better than good. 

And no, I'm not going to change my business name. What would I call it anyways - 2 Hazels and a Brown? Brownie Hazel? Hazel and Brown (I did take a few minutes to consider that one, btw.) - Nah! I'm staying 3 Hazels. I love this name. It's a good story and at the end of the day, it speaks to who I am, just like my soaps, perfectly imperfect.

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