Time for a change

I don't know what it was about that one bar of soap; I mean, we had been using that particular brand for what seemed like 10 years. Yet, I lathered up, rinsed off and I just felt, I don't know, meh. Maybe it wasn't even the soap, it was probably me just wanting to blame the soap.  Not too shockingly, life moves onward and upward.

Not too long after that shower, I was at a fair and, on a whim, I bought some handmade soap. Why not? It was either that or 3 lbs of kettle corn...opting for the soap seemed more productive.. I was taken by the idea that someone mixed "stuff" together and not too long after, they got nice-smelling soap. I was intrigued; so intrigued, in fact, that I starting looking up articles about how to make soap.

Oh, and yes, the soap that I bought was quite nice. I didn't have much to compare it to, but I'm pretty sure that bar hadn't been set too high by that commercially made soap. Did you ever read the ingredients on a standard-issue bar of soap? Don't. Blech!

By the way I'm talking you would think I spent every moment I had researching and making soap for my family and friends...nope. I put it on my "list".  What was I waiting for, you ask? Nothing, really, I would get to it...

One year later, I took the plunge. I bought bottles of oils, essential oils and all of those other things that make soap...soap. I mixed all that stuff together. I experimented. I practiced. I am hooked. I hope you will become hooked on 3 Hazels soap. We only mix the really good stuff in and leave the blech stuff out.

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