Solid Hand Lotion
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Solid Hand Lotion

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I get asked a lot "What's solid hand lotion?" - well, not to be snarky, but it's just what it sounds like, lotion that is well, solid.

The disk form of this solid hand lotion bar fits nicely into a set of hands, and as rub it in between your hands, the butters begin to melt, leaving your hands (and joints) soft and happy.

A little of this bar goes a long way, so no need to over-do it. And truth be told, this bar is so filled with butters and and nourishing oils, that it may take a moment for it to sink all the way in; but what it won't do is leave your skin feeling greasy, oily or tacky. Mature skin will love this bar.

And depending on your views of beeswax, this bar may be considered Vegan.

Perfect for throwing in a purse, backpack or tote. Excellent or traveling.

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